Let's Party




Where to start?


It is a good idea to choose a date where there is no other major event which could prevent family and friends from attending your special party.


It is also worth considering the season. It’s no good having an Hawaiian party in the freezing winter or a Medievel party in the middle of summer or your guests will be really uncomfortable and may not want to dress up.


Get your invites out quick-smart! Choosing a costume can be a major event, so give your guests plenty of time to decide on what to wear.

It is also a good idea to choose your costume before you send out your invitations, so you get first choice of costumes.




This can be tricky and needs to reflect the type of party you want to have. If you are having a formal cocktail party, try choosing a 1920’s, a Titanic theme or a masquerade party. Want to dance – 70’s or Rock n’ Roll theme or just having a few friends over, maybe a Crazy hat or Wig party.


Good themes that will cover just about everything is the Hollywood party, TV Characters or Favourite Childhood hero or character. Halloween is perfect for Friday the 13th or parties held in October. Christmas in July, Titanic and Murder Mystery parties have also become very popular. Letter parties are also popular. Guests choose a costume starting with the letter of their name or the hosts name.


Once you have chosen a theme, give your guests ideas on what to go as. A short list with their invitation is a great idea. Have a list of ideas by the phone to help guests who really get ‘stuck’. 




Theme your invitations to help set the mood. Decorate your party room with balloons and streamers in appropriate colours. Continue your theme with food and entertainment. Get creative and decorate windows and doorway entrances. Have someone in costume greet guests in a special way.


Spend time with your guests!


Finally, if it is your party, try to get or if you can afford to pay some young people to help you serve. It is a shame to organize a great party and you don’t get to spend time with your guests.

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